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April Gargiulo

Vintner’s Daughter

There are few things we admire more than someone who has mastered a craft, and April Gargiulo of Vintner’s Daughter has done that twice over. This fine wine maker has taken her experience formulating wines and used it to create something equally as luxurious and desirable: a cult-status face serum. April runs a business many would love to emulate, and lucky for us she shares her advice with Above the Glass readers on how to do just that.


Michaele Simmering

Kalon Studios

We were lucky enough to be invited into Michaele Simmering’s beautiful Highland Park home and office to witness a typical day in her life as a wife, mother and business owner. She runs her company, Kalon Studios, from home with her husband Johannes, and has achieved what so many women want: she built a business around a life she desires and her family’s needs. We hope you enjoy a peak into her beautiful home, filled with Kalon Studio originals, and the words of wisdom she imparts on us.


Jaclyn Johnson

Create & Cultivate, (No Subject)

Jaclyn Johnson represents the new guard of power-women. In an increasing digital world, Jaclyn Johnson has created the ultimate resource: Create & Cultivate. As a conference series and platform to connect women in the digital space, she is probably directly responsible for igniting hundreds of women-led businesses. Jaclyn has the creativity, hustle and grace that will get her far, and we were lucky enough to pick her brain on the philosophy behind it all.


Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne

We have always admired Jenni Kayne’s style. She has a way of designing clothing, curating products and hosting events that make us want to steal every detail of her vision and somehow make it our own. Over the years, she has perfected her California-cool, refined luxury style, and evolved her clothing line into a full-blown lifestyle brand that she lives, breathes and luckily for us, shares on her blog Rip & Tan. It is safe to say that Jenni Kayne is our generation’s Martha Stewart – designing a life we all want to lead, and building an empire on the back of that brand. Read on to find out more about how Jenni built her beautiful business, and some advice she has for fellow entrepreneurs.


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