How Long do I have access to the business plan tool once I purchase it?

Once you purchase the Tool, you will be given and emailed a unique link that allows you to start the Business Plan from the beginning for the next 30-days.

What kind of guidance does the Business Plan Tool Offer me?

The unique link leads you to an interactive Business Plan Creation Tool that provides step-by-step instructions and questions guiding and prompting you to fill in the answers to questions you should ask yourself when starting a business, and guiding you on how to conduct research to get those answers. This will all automatically format into your final presentation — you will be shown a sample of what the slide you are working on will look like as you go. This original link does not store any for your information.

Is my information stored in the Business Plan tool forever

Every time you make edits that you want stored you must press “Save & Continue” to be sent a new link with information saved in it. You do not need to press “Save & Continue” on every page, just do so before you exit for the session. Each time you press “Save & Continue” in your Business Plan Creation Tool, you will be emailed a more updated link that contains the most recently entered information. This is how you return to where you last left off. You can use the “Save & Continue” option unlimited times, for unlimited numbers of updated Business Plan Creation Tools, until you export the PDF, or the 30-days expires, at which point all information entered into the online tool will be cleared out.

What happens if I want to exclude a certain page in my Business Plan

If a page in the presentation is not filled in at all, then the slide will not be exported into the final presentation. If, however, a page is filled in with even one value, the page will export into the final presentation. Please consider that any page left partially filled out will show the complete design layout even if fields are left blank at input, and empty spaces within the design will show as such in your final business plan.

Why should I back up my information offline if I am entering it into the tool?

We highly recommend that you save the research and information you are entering into the Business Plan Creation Tool in a separate document as you gather it, since our tool does not permanently save the information. Please note this is especially important after you have exported a pdf of your plan, as all of the information you entered will be cleared with that export, and need to be inputed again if you plan to export another plan within the 30 days of purchase.

What happens to all the information I entered into the plan when I export my PDF?

Once you complete the presentation, and export it, all the information will be transferred from our web-tool and into your final pdf presentation. for security reasons, your information will not stay online past this point. This information will no longer be accessible via any link. Be cautious of that before you hit the “Submit” button on the last page of the 12-page creation tool.

How many times can i export a Business Plan PDF

If the user would like to start their business plan over from scratch, given it is within their 30-day subscription period, they can use their original link to start again and export as many business plans as they like. If they want to export the same input multiple times, they will be unable to do so, since all data entered is exported when the PDF is exported.

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