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Fear of Failure

By Danielle Yadegar On March 3, 2016

Starting a business is frightening. Aside from the expected fright of investing time & money into a new business the greatest challenge I face as an entrepreneur is the fear of failure; the fear of putting my name on something and it not working. My fear of failure has been the greatest challenge I’ve faced as a business owner. I never acknowledged it with Bea Millen, my first venture, and took sometime even into Above the Glass before I was able to even admit it to myself.

Maybe having a partner in Heather has helped me face and acknowledge the fear, or maybe I’m on my second turn at this entrepreneur thing and I am able to admit to it. But this fear is a common one and can easily be a force strong enough to keep someone from even trying their hand at starting a business.

Through the process of building and launching Above the Glass, I have learned that the fear doesn’t go away. It will continue to manifest itself and change shape even with success. Sometimes it even grows with success. Learn to live with it. Know it will come, some days stronger than others. It will make you want to quit, or even worse keep you from starting, bring you stress and heartache. If you can accept that it exists from the onset and that it isn’t going anywhere you can use it to your advantage. If you let it, it will push you forward, challenge the fear and use it as a motive to prove wrong.

The best part is one failure doesn’t lead to another. Failures are isolated events. Of course you learn from your mistakes and do better but failure doesn’t breed failure.

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