Sarah Gibson Tuttle

By Above the Glass On January 22, 2016 Photography By:   Darcy Hemley
Business Name:

Olive & June


Social Media Handles:

@oliveandjune, @gibsontuttle



Beverly Hills, Pasadena & Santa Monica

Short Business Description:

Olive & June is a care and beauty brand founded on luxury nail service at an affordable price.

We first met Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder of Olive & June, at her Beverly Hills salon shortly after it opened, and were instantly impressed- the beauty, the accessibility and the overall experience were unlike any we had witnessed in a nail salon before. From the branding to social media, Sarah has had her hand in every part of Olive & June, and her attention to detail is palpable. Since our first encounter, Sarah has taken the business from one to three locations, added a husband and daughter to the mix, and handled it all like a boss. With lofty ambitions, this girl, and this brand are just getting started. Olive & June is continuing to shake up the beauty world with high profile collaborations, campaigns for fair pay in the industry, and a uniform nailcare experience that, undoubtedly, is coming to a neighborhood near you.



Before launching your business, what did you do?

I was an Equity Sales Trader for ten years, at JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley.

Did you face any obstacles in your previous career/endeavors?

Absolutely! I worked with very ambitious and motivated people, in an environment that was constantly challenging. But every obstacle I faced was a way to grow. The biggest challenge was truly that my heart was not in the job.

Did you have any formal business training before launching?

No, but my parents are both entrepreneurial and so the informal training I had watching them grow successful businesses was invaluable.

What was your biggest fear before launching a business?

The biggest fear was (and is!) that no one will come! I am still so excited when I walk into one of the salons and I don’t know anyone in the chairs personally.






Your Glass Ceiling Turning Point

Why did you decide to launch a business?

I think I have always known I would launch my own business at some point. I have been talking about it since college, but never had the exact right idea until Olive & June.

How did you get the courage to make the jump into entrepreneurship?

Because I had a clear vision, I had the courage to jump. Before then, I always felt held back and knew I had to stay the course of what I was doing for that moment.

"Believe in yourself! You can do anything you put your mind to. And be willing to eat, sleep and breathe it."

Is there anyone in particular who influenced your journey?

I truly look up to everyone I have ever worked for or with that kicks ass. I find that each of those people has something special that I hoped to learn from. But my family is undoubtedly my biggest influence.

Did you have a mentor? If so, how did you meet that person?

I have a few, but one of my first mentors is a Sales Trader who sat next to me at JP Morgan. He works incredibly hard, is super talented and always completely humble. It’s a grind every single day and he never complains, ever.



The Business of Your Business

How did you finance your business?

My savings from working in Finance.

Do you work with other professionals (i.e. accountant, lawyer, graphic designer, etc.) or advisors? How did you find them?

I bring in as many talented people as I can. I am very aware of what I know, and more so aware of what I don’t know! All were recommendations but I also had to hire and move on from a few people in the beginning. In business, I find that people you choose to work with must be people you trust, but also enjoy to interact with because they are very influential on the brand.

"Because I had a clear vision, I had the courage to jump. Before then, I always felt held back and knew I had to stay the course of what I was doing for that moment."

How does it feel to be expanding from brick-and mortar stores into an O&J product line?

Exciting! Crazy! Truly, I can’t tell you how amazing this has all been. I still can’t believe I make a living from doing something I really love.

What are the long-term goals for your company?

To build a beloved brand that expands in smart, successful, meaningful ways into every category and market that makes sense.






Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere, but especially from the team at Olive & June. I am so inspired by their creativity.

Do you have any business role models?

Essie. She grew her nail brand from a love of color and it shows in every shade.

How has having a family influenced how you make business decisions?

It makes me more focused, really. I have less time so I have to be very careful on what to prioritize and when.

What books or magazines are on your nightstand?

Business wise, I love every Harvard Business school book on literally any topic, as well as Fast Company. I always am reading every single beauty and fashion magazine – My husband is constantly trying to clean off my nightstand!

What apps do you use the most?

Boomerang for email is my EVERYTHING, I also like Wunderlist.

Favorite place(s) for news:

The Skimm and Politico


What do you do to stay sane?

Working out, a little TV, and a date night with my husband every week!

How do you balance work and family?

Prioritizing and saying no! It’s the hardest thing for me to do but I must say no to things that I cannot fit in.

Do you have any health tricks?

Hot water with lemon. And sleep, which I never get enough of.



Experience & Insight

What is the best thing about running your own business? The most difficult?

The best thing is that my team and I are creating something really special. The most difficult is that I don’t have a full time partner.

What are you most proud of?

I am truly the most proud of the team we have built. They constantly impress me.

What advice would you give to people who are just starting out in business?

Believe in yourself! You can do anything you put your mind to. And be willing to eat, sleep and breathe it.

Photography by: Darcy Hemley

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